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Beaumont Renegades: A Dynamic Addition to American Indoor Football (AIF)

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Beaumont, TX – American Indoor Football (AIF) proudly announces the Beaumont Renegades as the latest powerhouse team to join its league. Under visionary ownership, the Renegades are set to make a resounding impact in the world of indoor football.

John Morris, AIF Commissioner, expressed his excitement: "We extend a warm welcome to the Beaumont Renegades. Their vision and passion for the game align perfectly with the AIF's values. We are confident that their presence in our league will elevate the level of competition and add to the excitement for our fans."

Larry Clark, Director of Operations for the AIF, echoed Commissioner Morris's sentiments: "The Renegades bring a fresh energy to our league. We are thrilled to collaborate with them and witness their contributions to the vibrant landscape of indoor football in Beaumont and beyond."

American Indoor Football (AIF) stands as a beacon of competitive and community-oriented indoor football across the nation. With a firm commitment to sportsmanship and entertainment, the AIF offers fans an electrifying football experience. The league continues to grow, fostering a sense of camaraderie and excitement among players and fans alike.

Jesse Heninger, Chief Marketing Director “We are absolutely elated to welcome the Renegades organization. With its location just east of Houston, Beaumont, Texas, could not be a better backdrop for Indoor Football in the AIF. These guys have had a vision to create a star-studded roster in Indoor Football for quite some time, and I’m quite honestly excited they chose American Indoor Football as solid ground to build their powerhouse and take on East Texas by storm."

The Beaumont Renegades emerge as a point of local pride and sportsmanship in the heart of Texas. Under the visionary ownership, the Renegades embody the spirit of unity and determination. With a focus on community engagement and player excellence, the Renegades are committed to delivering unforgettable football moments to their fans.

Derron Griffin, Owner, Director of Player Personnel and Evaluations, and Head of Scouting for the Beaumont Renegades, shared his excitement about the new ownership: “It’s exciting to bring the sport back to the football capital world where I was born and raised. “Griffin said. “My Dad is responsible for many Beaumont players having success at home and at the highest level. So, I’m happy it’s coming full circle.”

Sam Gordon, Co-Owner and General Manager, echoed these sentiments “Football has always been more than just a game for me, so it is exciting to be a part of a community that has the same if not more passion than you for it,” Gordon said. This is five years in the making and it is even better to dive into this with friends who share the same vision of how special this organization can be to the players and fans.”

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