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For Immediate Release: Chris Cruz Hired as Beaumont Strength and Conditioning Coach

For Immediate Release: Chris Cruz Hired as Beaumont Strength & Conditioning Coach

The Beaumont Renegades staff continues to get bigger — literally and metaphorically.

The team announced that Chris Cruz has been named its strength and conditioning coach.

"My goal is to maintain / improve strength levels of the athletes according to the needs of their position," Cruz said. "Also to supply the nutritional info, meal plans, etc, to keep them in the required physical shape being the needs are to gain weight and muscle or bring a leaner physique so they play at their best. Also to help in any other way to make sure this team is successful on and off the field."

Cruz's resume and impact within the fitness/bodybuilding community cannot be understated.

A weightlifting competitor himself, Cruz is a two-time Global Bodybuilding Organization Atlas winner to go along with 2017 and 2018 GBO Coach of the Year accolades.

Beaumont Renegades coordinator Danny Principe voiced praise for Cruz sighting the importance of a quality strength and conditioning coach during his playing days.

"I'm excited to have him and know our athletes will be prepared under his watch," Principe said. "Teaching from experience is very important and when I was playing, strength coaches were definitely one of the most important parts of the offseason.”

Stated Beaumont co-owner Sam Gordon: “It's always important to have a great strength and conditioning force on your staff to keep the guys healthy and it's even better to find that in the community itself," he said said. "Chris made a great first impression with ownership and has fit in seamlessly with everyone involved. We couldn't be more excited to have him on board."

Cruz, like all involved, is committed to making sure the Beaumont Renegades are built to last.

"I am dedicated because it's time that this area builds a team that it deserves to see on a professional level," Cruz said. "One that the area can be proud of and support year in and year out. Being part of that is something special to me as born and raised local that has played here on the high school and semi-professional level."

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