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Meet The Owners: Sam Gordon Comes to Beaumont With a Simple Message: Show Don’t Tell

By Nathan Rollins

Contributor and Editor

February 7, 2024

They say everything is bigger in Texas.

So what better state for Sam Gordon to grow his passion for football in?

And in doing so, the 27-year-old, who hails from Massachusetts, is bringing football back to Beaumont, alongside native Derron Griffin.

The two together created the Beaumont Renegades, a professional indoor football team that will play its first full season in 2025. The Renegade name comes from Griffin’s rap nickname.

“I basically said, 'You know what Derron, I’m gonna put the team in your town and I’m gonna name it after you,'” Gordon said with a laugh. “If Derron wasn’t involved, this experience definitely wouldn’t be as special as it has been bringing this team here.”

Gordon, though moving to the other side of the country, could not feel more at home in the Golden Triangle.

“Beaumont is such a warm and welcoming community and every-time I am here, I feel like I belong," Gordon said. "Everyone is so supportive and I feel like I have already been living here for years.”

Gordon started his sports career in high school and picked up steam in college when he founded Prime Time Sports Talk.

He used that platform to interview some high-profile names, such as Joe Namath, Jaylen Brown, Devin Hester, Darrelle Revis, Julian Edelman and Deion Branch, among others. Winning four journalism awards in the process.

After graduating college, Gordon combined his passion for sports and his communication degree birthing G2 Sports Management.

He didn’t waste any time, swiftly signing his childhood hero and three-time Super Bowl champion David Patten.

"David (Patten) blessed me with his belief in me when I was getting my company off of the ground," Gordon said. "There is no success for me in this business as an agent or running a football team without him. I miss him everyday."

Gordon with David Patten

As an agent, Gordon has negotiated over a hundred contracts in indoor and outdoor leagues all across the country.

But the glory and money are not what fuels Gordon’s passion for sports. He wants to make a difference.

Back in 2019, he helped grant then-cancer patient Justyna Boucher one final wish: meeting former Patriot Julian Edelman. Boucher told Gordon of her wishes and he published an article. Edelman caught wind of the story and visited Boucher in the hospital before she passed.

“Up until that story, I was just a journalist, but when I was able to use my platform to help someone with something that had to do with football, I knew helping people and being around the sport went hand-and-hand for me,” Gordon said.

Gordon with Justyna Boucher and Julian Edelman

And now Gordon wants to help the City of Beaumont have something to cheer about again.

“I am not naive to the fact that this area has been burned time and time again by people just looking to make a quick buck,” Gordon said. “While everyone opens their arms and listens to you here, it doesn’t mean that you have earned their trust. Telling people that they can trust you isn’t good enough. For me, it’s all about showing through action that you are diving in headfirst to give these people something special.”

Gordon said he had no doubt the Renegades will be here to stay.

“The people that are a part of this organization and in Beaumont in general don’t know how to fail, period,” he said.

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