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Meet The Owners: The Return of The Renegade: Derron Griffin

Updated: Feb 7

Photo Credit: KDFM

He’s back.

Golden Triangle native Derron Griffin, otherwise known as the Texas Renegade, has returned to his hometown as one of the co-owners of the Beaumont Renegades, a newly-established professional football team.

"A lot of my family members still live here and I had a lot of great memories,” Griffin said. “It’s also been fun meeting up with old friends that I haven’t seen in years. The last bit of football I ever played was Arena football so for that specific brand to be in my town there’s no words to define."

While it was a bit of a shock returning to where it all started, being in Beaumont brought back waves of memories and Griffin is motivated to make more. 

I’m happy to be back around my old stomping grounds because I spent my entire life watching my dad be a part of sending multiple guys to the National Football League,” he said. “So in a big way, me bringing football back to Beaumont and getting a chance to ride by places where I played ball, staring at the football fields where my dad coached, and just smell in the grass and thinking of all the memories. I feel like I’m creating another memory of something that keeps going.”  

As an agent, Griffin placed countless athletes in professional football. On top of representation, the Renegades co-owner has also trained some of the top defensive NFL talent. 

“It’s a really gratifying thing seeing these young kids live their dreams, but I can’t lie, it makes me jealous,” Griffin said with a laugh.

Before he was a team owner, Griffin was a successful entrepreneur running his own gyms, record label and his sports agency as previously written. His alter ego the ‘Texas Renegade’ drew the inspiration for the team’s name and brings two different chapters of his life together, but the same fire.

“The piece of mind of saying that that’s my team and that's the persona I created on the same uniform, makes me want to put those pads on and go to war,” Griffin said. “If nobody likes it then they can take it up with my little firecracker wife. She runs the show anyway."

Griffin's rap album cover

Griffin said he is glad to have the outlet to be able to let that side of him loose.

“(When I put that Renegade hat on), I get the same feeling I used to get sacking the quarterback,” he said. “The aggression and fight that I used to get running onto a field rushes back to my head and makes me wanna go like the Tasmanian Devil."

With Griffin's many years of established NFL connections, he is excited to take that platform to his ownership chair. Finding talent that just might get overlooked.

“It’s good to have some of the control over the politics that comes with the game," Griffin said. "It’s exciting as hell to be in a place where you can have the opportunity to give that underdog the chance. Because of all the talent around here, I know I am right.”

As Griffin embarks on his newest adventure he hopes to make his hometown proud with a special someone by his side. 

“I’m still trying to talk my dad into being a scout or something for us,” Griffin said with a laugh. “But maybe he’s thinking about it. I’m gonna keep trying to talk him into it but not so sure I can."

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