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Reintroducing Arena Football to Beaumont

By Shanna Warner

Media Manager and Correspondent

February 1, 2024

Beaumont. Forget everything you thought you knew about football.

Allow us to reintroduce you to Indoor/Arena Football. A fast-paced and exciting variant of American football, played on a smaller field typically located indoors. Here are some fun facts about it:

Origin: Indoor/arena football was invented in 1981 by Jim Foster, a former executive of the National Football League (NFL). He wanted to create a version of football that could be played indoors on a smaller field, allowing for faster-paced games and increased scoring.

Smaller Field: Unlike traditional football fields, indoor/arena football fields are much smaller, Measuring out to 50 yards, the field is half the size of what fans usually see with no sidelines and eight yard end zones as opposed to the standard 10. The reduced size of the field leads to faster gameplay and higher-scoring games.

Note: This image is for presentation purposes only. The Beaumont Renegades have no affiliation with either league in photo.

High-Scoring: Speaking of higher-scoring games, indoor/arena football games often feature high scores, with teams frequently scoring in the 40's, 50's, or even higher. No lead is safe until the clock hits zero.

Unique Rules: Arena football features several unique rules compared to outdoor football. For example, the rebound nets surrounding the field are considered in play, allowing for unique ricochets and rebounds. Additionally, there are specific rules regarding motion and formations to accommodate the smaller field size.

Fan Interaction: Indoor/arena football places a strong emphasis on fan interaction. The close proximity of the fans to the field and the fast-paced action create an electrifying atmosphere, with fans often feeling like they are part of the game.

Player Accessibility: Fans attending indoor/arena football games often have the opportunity to interact with players before and after games, as well as during halftime. This accessibility can enhance the overall fan experience and create strong connections between players and supporters.

You and your friends have a favorite player? You do not have wait to bump into him at a restaurant or wait in a long line at a scheduled meet and greet. Every fan who purchases a ticket can take the field after the game and ask the players for anything from autographs to selfies.

Expansion and Leagues: Over the years, indoor/arena football has seen the creation of various leagues and teams across the United States. While the Arena Football League (AFL) was the most prominent league for many years, other leagues like the Indoor Football League (IFL) and National Arena League (NAL) have also gained popularity.

Innovation: Indoor/arena football has been a breeding ground for innovation in football. Some experimental rules and technologies, such as the use of motion-tracking cameras for instant replay and player tracking, were first implemented in arena football before being adopted by outdoor leagues like the NFL.

Player Development: Many players have used indoor/arena football as a platform to showcase their talents and develop their skills before moving on to higher levels of competition, including the NFL. Some notable NFL players, such as Kurt Warner and Kevontae Turpin, began their careers in indoor/arena football.

Global Appeal: While most indoor/arena football leagues are based in the United States, the sport has started to gain popularity in other countries as well. Leagues and teams have been established in countries like Canada, Mexico, and even as far as Europe and Asia, contributing to the global growth of the sport.

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